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Strategic Partnership Programme


The Health and Care Strategic Partnership Programme enables the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations and companies including End of Tenancy London scheme to work in equal partnership with the Department of Health (DH), NHS England and Public Health England (PHE).

The programme invests in VCS organisations, working at a national level.  It allows each organisation to demonstrate leadership and innovation, to reflect the views of their members and networks and support the development of knowledge and capability in the sector to engage in the wider health and social care reform agenda.

The programme has developed from a partnership of 11 organisations establishing a robust model for working in partnership, to 22 organisations spanning the breadth and depth of the VCS.  It is estimated that through these Strategic Partners, over 300,000 organisations across the voluntary sector can be reached.

What this website can do for you

You can find voluntary and community sector organisations that work in areas of public health that you might be interested in.  Access their resources and make contacts.

The website allows the strategic partners to be collaborative and share information, workplans and other documents.

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About the Voluntary Sector Health and Care Hub


The Voluntary Sector Health and Care Hub represents collaborative works between the voluntary and community sector organisations in England and the national systems of Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England.

These collaborations represent the important work undertaken in improving the health and wellbeing of the nation's population. 

Who is hosting the hub?

The hub is hosted by the UK Health Forum, a charitable alliance of professional and public interest organisations working to reduce the risk of avoidable non-communicable diseases (NCDs), by developing evidence-based public health policy and supporting its implementation through advocacy and information provision.

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